What’s the more adequate engineering?

I am a student who has six days to decide which course to go, but it seems that the more I research the more confuse I get, due to the many options available.

What I want to learn is electronic / electromechanical physics (aerodynamics income etc.), ( want to lear all that i need to build electrical machines, or car computers.. etc)

With this in mind my main options are: Mechanical engineering. Mechatronics. Electromechanical engineering. Electrical engineering. Electronic Engineering.

Could be recommended any of the prior art in view of what I want to learn? thanks


If you want to build electrical machines, I think your best options would be Electromechanical Enginnering or Mechatronics. Either of these would give you a good insight into both the electrical/electronics and mechanical worlds.

Good luck.


A year of any of those disciplines would set you for your goal. The 1st (if not 2nd) year of them will be very similar too.