What screen do you suggest me?

Hello, I am working on a project with a microcontroller, and I need a screen to be about 2.2 inch, so the screen should be high quality. To be oled or any other, just have good graphics, the price of the screen does not only matter to be qualitative
What screen do you suggest me?

At that size, it seems to me that I have not seen viable options. 4D systems has a 2.0 "screen with capacitive panel, but consider using the development IDE offered by the manufacturer.

Could be some Nextion TFT, but they start from 2.4 "with resistive touch.

From 3.5 "there are options much superior to the rest of screens, with capacitive touch panel, some of them with sunlight-readable TFT, good viewing angle:

NHD EVE2 / EVE3 FT813 / BT815
Riverdi FT813 / BT815
Matrix Orbital EVE3 3.5 "

Some are all in one, but for 5V AVR environments:
Sunflower shield (3.5 ")
Gameduino 3 shield (4.3 ")