What sensor for meter 75cm/hg vacuum

I need meter 0 to 75cm/hg vacuum. It is 0 to (75*0.193) PSI, is the same
What sensor can I use?
Thank you and sorry for my bad english

Freescale have abs.pressure sensors for a variete of pressures

That is from maximum vacuum to normal air environment pressure ?
Do you want to measure the relative/differential pressure or the absolute (baromic) pressure ?

0 … 75cm/hg
0 … 1 bar
0 … 100 kPa
0 … 14.5 psi

Are you sure the minimum pressure is the absolute value of 0 kPa ? That is not possible.
Absolute pressure sensors start mostly at 15 kPa.
Even in outer space it is not 0 kPa, but 1×10e?4 to <3×10e-15

I want a vacuum gauge for acceptance of a motorcycle engine to adjust the carburetion of various carburetors each cylinder.
It works by measuring the void that is in the nozzles of admission of the various cylinders and adjusting carbs so they are all equal.
Currently I do it with a meter of mercury column 75cm, so according to my calculations would be 75c cm / hg = 15 psi = 100KPa
What I need is to know which sensor to use VACUUM because these scales have to be 4 different shots at once.

Have a look at freescale.com for automotive sensors.
You will find a lot if you google for 'automotive' 'motor' 'map' sensors, or 'vacuum gauge' sensors.

1 atmosphere pressure is 760 mm of mercury, so 75 cm is only slightly less than one atmosphere.

And I am sure that pressure sensors exist which will read a lot lower than 15 kPa absolute pressure. A lot of vacuum systems go to pressures a lot lower than that.

But I don't think that the "vacuum" in a carburettor is actually all that low.