What sensor?


Hope someone can help.

Is there a sensor I can use to measure a persons skin resistance? I would like to put it on a car steering wheel, as part of a voltage divider circuit, with the skin resistance been the variable.

Thanks in advance.


There would probably be a problem with using skin resistance in a simple voltage divider network as the arduino analog input pin wants to see a driving source impedenance of 10,000 ohms or less, so your measurements are likely to be quite noisy and maybe even useless. Skin resistance is pretty high in most people and also absolute skin resistance of people vary over a wide margin. What is the purpose of this measurement, indication of 'stess' a driver is feeling, or something else?


Thanks for the replies.

Yea, it is to take a look at stress levels of drivers in specific situations.

I was thinkng I would feed the signal through an op-amp to boost the signal so that I can actually work with it.


Thanks for that!