What sensors would you use for a fish tank roomba?

I am building an aquarium gravel cleaner and am looking for sensors that could (eventually) be used for autonomous navigation. I want to know when the robot bumps into walls or obstacles.

What waterproof sensors are available and small enough for a six inch robot? I was thinking a limit/bump switch would be easiest and wouldn't hurt the fish. Thanks!

Can you show us some images of your robot?

I'd start with a look at the robots used to clean swimming pools.

Endstops seem good. Just get waterproof ones.

EDIT - And don't get the ones mounted in the PCBs.

Add IP68 as a search keyword if you want waterproof sensors.

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Perhaps a proximity sensor with a food-safe housing to detect fish.

As switches you can use reed relay.
It is sealed inside the glass and operated from the outside by a magnet.

RV mineirin


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