What Shield or Chip does the GSM library support?


First of all, I apologise if it sounds like a stupid question. But I can't seem to find an answer for this.

Currently I am building a prototype using the official Arduino GSM Shield, which runs on Quectel M10.

But since I want to productise the prototype, I need to use a different module like GSM MT 6260 or Quectel M95.

So, can anyone tell me whether the GSM library is strictly for Quectel M10 or can it also be used on other GSM modules (which I doubt so, but need to confirm)?

Thank you in advance. :)

Since you are building a commercial product, it would seem logical that you would compare the specs e.g to determine compatibility and then buy all alternative modules that seemed to be compatible and perform your own testing.

Almost all GSM modules are controlled using AT-commands.

Almost all the commmands is standardised, and will work across modems. If there is some commands that is different, it would be easy to compare documentation between models, and open the library files and change the AT-strings.

As long as you use modems from the same manufacturer, there is a very good chance that there is absolutely no difference.

// Per.