What should I buy next?

Hello everyone,

I want to buy a new tool for my workshop. I have those equipments:
-Rigol DS2202A scope
-Class 30V 5A power supply
-Class 968D Soldering station and Heat gun
-A cheap DMM (20€ or sth)

I am thinking of buying a 3D printer or a signal generator. If you have something else in mind please make a recomendation. I have a budget of 350€.
By the way I am studying electrical engineering and I have started this year.

I have had a lot more fun and use from my cheap 3D printer than most any other piece of equipment that I have. For Arduino projects I use the 3D printer a lot to make custom cases and other parts for my projects.

If you intend to keep doing stuff with an Arduino. buy a good function generator which is also be a signal generator for many other uses.

A cheap 8 bit logic analyzer is a pretty nice tool.

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Thanks for the answer.

Making custom cases and special parts with a 3D printer is great.
3D printer +1

Thanks for the answer.

Yes I will do stuff wirh arduino.
Function gen +1

Thanks for the answer.
Does it isolate the ground from earth ground? If I connect my wires wrong do I blow up something, like in the oscilloscope? I think it is called ground looping. I am a little bit clumsy so it might not be a good tool for me.

I get more use out of my logic analyzer than I ever did with my scope (before it died). The decoders* that come with the PulseView software are amazingly useful.

*SPI, I2C, UART, IR decoder to name a few of many.

It's a ridiculous cheap tool, although its price went up quite a bit lately.

Thanks for the answer but my scope has builtin RS232, I2C, SPI, and CAN decoder. Also they are very cheap I can buy one of them and it won't effect my budget.

I think that I paid about $18.00 for mine from, probably, Amazon a few years ago. I will say that beyond a doubt it has given me, by far, the best "bang for the buck" of any piece of equipment in my arsenal.

Suit yourself, but one of those logic analyzers will be the best $16.00 that you have ever spent. And I only touched on the decoders available in PulseView. There must be over 100 and being added all the time.

Thanks for the answer.
Logic analyzer is added to the shopping list.

I love my Foredom rotary tool and drill press:

And my bench mate;


Thanks for the answer.

I have a dremel alredy.

Thanks for the answer.

It looks great I will think about it.

Already have

  • 4 channel 100Mhz scope
  • Signal generator
  • 30V 10A power
  • 60V 5A power
  • Misc home made powers (5V and 12V)
  • 3 multimeters

Just ordered a 3D printer. Also wondering what's next to buy :slight_smile:

Thanks for the answer.
3D printer seems to be the right choice for me.

I snap those headers with fingers