what should i do to get exact temperature with and without arduino?

I’m doing a heat pad project controlled by arduino. i used 5v usb heat pad, mosfet and potentiometer.

Compare directly using 5v power bank as input voltage, the heat pad easily heated and getting even higher temperature compare using arduino with all other component i mention before. what should i do/add for the heat pad to have same temperature when use arduino to control?

i’m really new in arduino.

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You diagram shows the FET connected incorrectly; where did you get your information?

hi, sorry for my inconvenient,

my fault that i wrongly draw the picture…

it suppose to be like the picture i attach

sensorValue = analogRead(analogInPin)/4; // sensorvalue is divided by 4, so can be 0-255
outputValue = map(sensorValue, 0, 1023, 0, 255); // divided by four _again_

if (sensorValue >= 160)... // will never happen

Did you use a LOGIC LEVEL mosfet?

Image attached to OP says it's a 30N06 MOSFET, which should be the FQN30N06 - which is a logic level MOSFET and should be suitable for use with an Arduino.

Are you using a breadboard as suggested in that (otherwise perfectly unreadable) Fritzy image? If so, that would explain it. Breadboards can't carry much current, a couple hundred mA maybe, and heatpads will most likely draw >1A. A breadboard will cause significant losses.

yup, im using logic mosfet, cuz i need to vary some temperature at the end...
(if that what you mean)

i try without breadboard, and it heated yup more than before..
but, i want it to be higher,, what component should i use? amplifier? any suggestion?

ps. im truly, really2 new in circuit stuff. :disappointed_relieved:

Get a heat pad that gets hotter.