What should I do with all this stuff? Ideas wanted

I bought an arduino duemilanove two days ago and have been fiddling around with stuff I had lying around on my desk. Having a quick look, I then realised how much stuff I have that is not being used so I thought I'd post it up here and see if anyone has any good ideas of what to do with it/how I could do it.. :slight_smile:

Arduino Duemilanove (obviously)
2 PSP screens
2 DS screens, including touch screen
GBA screen
GBA SP screen
2 wireless phones w/simple LCD display (VDS VS-B120451) no idea of the pinout and can't find it anywhere.
2 PS2 controllers (prefer not to take them apart - anyone know the pinout for the connector?)
Motorola V3 (partially broken - temperamental)
LG Chocolate (broken)
Motorola L6 (broken)
Sony Ericsson (not sure what cos it's in bits)
2 laptop keyboards (from Compaq n800w and HP nc8000)
2 screens (from same as above)
2 touchpads (from same as above - "synaptics 920-000278-01 RevA, E164564 94V-0, TM42PUK359 UC315-059?" and another synaptics with chip code 2"T1004B 0338 FH31L")
BTM 200 Bluetooth module (not USB - from hp nc8000 - internal)
2 7 segment displays
Quad seven segment display
Various old PS2 mice and keyboards
USB wireless keyboard and mouse
Various electronic components (Breadboards, capacitors, LEDs, diodes, resistors, variable resistors, motors etc)
All types of pc components (most things)
Speakers, piezoelectric buzzers etc
Various other types of circuitry.
I am prepared to source most things if something else would be required for an idea.
Long list :smiley: and there's more but I can't work out how to add the image to show you. (can someone tell me! - do I have to put it on a site such as flickr first and then link to it?)

Firstly I have done counters with the 7 segment displays and projects with the touch screen and a RGB mood light fader with dividing the touch screen (a project to explain later). I've been busy over the last 2 days!

I would like to connect up the bluetooth module if someone knows the pinout (couldn't find it myself).

Also, is there any way that you can code an arduino from another? By using a PS2 keyboard (this has been done) and then sending it via serial to the USB or serial port on the other one. Possibly saving program data on to an SD card? This would mean that one could code an arduino by just having a battery and not needing a PC!

Any ideas whatsoever would be great to hear!


btw. first post!

Ok so here is a photo of this stuff!


And a bit of extra stuff thrown in for good measure

Hmmm, I've read that at least some of the Synaptics modules have PS/2 interfaces, so they could be used easily (perhaps by modifying some of the touchscreen examples??).

There are some cellphones (I think all the ones I've seen mentioned are Nokia) that have SPI or I2C interfaces on their displays. Some of them have drivers and examples already done. I suspect that most of the other LCDs will be really hard to use, because they have a very low-level interface where the CPU does a lot of the work of driving it. But do a google search, because I could be wrong about that.

There are chips with SPI (e.g., MC14489) and I2C (e.g., SAA1064) for driving 7-segment LEDs.

The Sony PS2 interface is well-documented by hackers, and people have used them for things like DIY RC controllers and building microprocessor-based games.


I also have old cell phones, and it seems like there ought to be a good way to interface them to the Arduino. I think you should develop a digital picture frame/greeting card thingy where you could load a picture on the arduino, display it on the screen, and give them to your friends.

It depends on how much you're willing to work, and how good you are. I think that getting an arduino to display "stuff" on an easily-obtainable and not-too-expensive LCD screen like your PSP or DS screens would be a worthwhile project, but I'm not sure it's even possible, and definitely not a beginner project.
(easier: interface to just the touch screen, overlaid on a dot-matrix LED display, to create a sort of cheater's "stribe" device.)

Ok first thanks for all of the replies...

I have been fiddling around with the DS touch screen and I also had the idea of putting a led matrix under it. I just haven't made the matrix yet. I will probably do that in a few months once I have the capabilities to make circuit boards again.

I would be extremely pleased if I could connect the bluetooth module that I commented on before (BTM 200) but I can't find the pinout. Then I would write a simple java app to allow me to control the arduino from my phone... :smiley:

Also has anyone else tried to code an arduino from another arduino and what is the code written into for writing onto the atmega chip? Would this be possible? Maybe with program data stored on a memory card? Can the arduino be coded through the Serial pins or does it have to be coded through the USB port?

Also to add to that list I have: a 7" Ferguson portable DVD player, a Rio Carbon, a few PS2 keyboards...



i would like to try building somethink like “starship enterprise” ;D

Well you know there might be some issues with that as I would need some hyperdrive engines, a lot more metal and of course I would then need to dress up in a tight fitting burgundy costume...


I found your PS controller pinouts. This is an older document for the PSX controllers but I think the pinout is the same.

Have fun!

Ok thanks,

If I get some free time then I will take a look at that. I did find a few other sites with the playstation controller pinout and some example code but I'm starting to thing that I should just take it apart and wire all of the switches seperately because it would be a lot simpler.



I have a gba screen too. ::slight_smile:

Have you done anything with it? I have many ideas of what to do with mine... I have also done many things with it. The problem now is that I don't have enough of them...


Sorry but I meant my DS screen, I was half asleep when I read that post. No I have not managed to do anything with the GBA screen yet, sorry...

No, It still in the gba but the gba is broken. Im going to take it out and experment. ;D ::slight_smile: