What should I do with my new ethernet shield?

Hi everyone! I'm new here!

For christmas, I got an Arduino Mega and an Arduino Ethernet Shield. I am no noob to the arduino as I had an arduino uno clone before that for about a year. I really want to build something! I've already written code that read the total number of emails I have across multiple accounts and puts it on a 7 segment display, but I got bored with it pretty quickly so I took it apart.
I want ideas on what to build!

Here is a brief summary of what I have laying around:
Arduino Mega 2560
Arduino Uno OSEPP clone
Ethernet Shield
2GB microSD card
Ping sensor mounted on a 180 degrees servo
Continuous rotation servo
Weird servo that came out of an RC car (6 pins but not a stepper)
2N3055 transistors x2
A fair bit of computing power
various iDevices
LOTS of ethernet cable
Raspberry Pi

Go easy on me please, this is my first post!