What should I do with my shiny new library so others can use it.

OK I'm quite a newbie at Arduino programming (started playing about a week ago). but I've written my first library, that I'm quite pleased with.

So what I'm wondering is where I should upload it?


In Other Software Development, post a topic, discussing what the library does, why it's better than the alternatives (if there are any), and including the code, so it can be peer-reviewed first.

Then, you can create a page on the Playground to talk about your peer-reviewed library.

Thanks Paul. That sounds like a plan. I'll get over there. It's quite possibly a reinvention of the wheel anyhow.

agree with PaulS,

besides review to improve the quality of the code you can also ask people to help testing the library on different Arduino platforms.

the wheel is reinvented many times :wink:

the wheel is reinvented many times

And gets better every time. Or you can at least learn why it isn't better.