When there are 50 views and no reply. What should i understand????

1) People who viewed don't have the answer?? 2) People who viewed don't want to answer?? :~ :(

On some forums I frequent, there is a rule that says post bumping is not allowed. Instead, you post more information about your problem.

If your post is incomprehensible it's unlikely you'll get replies; if it's sloppy then it shows you don't want to spend much time and other people won't want to either.

Perhaps also it is demonstrated that the "Poster" hasn't done any looking either.. No one really wants do do more than help fix an issue, Not to research or write the code. I will point out sources.. once in a while, IF I'm in a good mood (rarely) mainly because I did the research once or twice and If my damaged old mind can be wrapped around Google, So can anyone else's.


You should understand that you should not SHOUT. You should understand that you should NOT cross-post.

You should already have read this, because it is posted at the top of just about every section of the forum.

You should clean your keyboard - it looks like a few of the keys are sticky and auto-repeating.

Please don't ignore

I haven't ignored, I've cleaned-up your blatant disregard for forum etiquette, and deleted your duplicate posts.

Still this got the maximum replies.

I understand

thank you