What should I use Goto, library ???

I have about 6 lines of code, That I use about 6 times. I would like to have it in one place and "call" it.
I was thinking I would use a goto, but reading it looks like it not very popular.
So could someone point me in the right direction, so I know what to read.

What’s wrong with using a ‘function’?

It's called a function. You define it in one place and then call it from all over your code

I will go read about function, I was just reading about #include, looks like that may work to. I have just enough knowledge to be dangers.

What’s wrong with using a ‘function’?

It's called a function.

And explained here.

"function" just looked at it and that looks like what I need.

Have look at how functions are used in Planning and Implementing a Program