What should I use?

I am wanting to control a bunch of LEDs. To be exact, they are broken down into 4 sections each having 3 colors, so that it is a total of 12 outputs, analog outputs. I also am planning on controlling these from my Android Phone, possibly Bluetooth. Down the road I want the LEDs to change depending on the music that is going on.

I currently have the Arduino Uno. I am not sure if the Uno can handle all of this but I figure that it is a place to start and learn from. So which Bluetooth shield should I get, that is relativly simple and relieable to start with?

Any ideas, pointers would be greatly appreciated!!! XD

The UNO only has 6 analog (PWM) outputs.

For control from an Android phone you probably want the Arduino ADK. It's like an Arduino Mega 2560 but with a USB Host port for connecting the Android phone. The Mega has 15 PWM pins so it should be able to control brightness on your 12 channels.

Ok, so for the final project I will need to use the Mega (Thanks John).... Is there a Bluetooth Shield / Adapter that will work on both? With this in mind, my initial thought is to do my testing and debugging with the Uno and once I get all the bugs worked out, buy a Mega at that point.

After quite a bit of serarching I think I might be even more lost on Bluetooh Adapters. I see many different styles, makes, and types, all claiming they are for the Arduino, but which should I use and what are some of the differences and things to look for?

May be you don't need BT, arduino could run a show alone:

The UNO only has 6 analog (PWM) outputs.

There exists SoftPWM implementations

Is it possible to multiplex the HW-PWM signal to 2 LED's and switch per LED? If done fast enough I might not be noticed?

When LED A goes low, LED B is switch on. Yes, there is definitely coupling as together their summed brightness cannot be 100%. but for lower brightnesses
one could repeat a pattern something like: A(on)B(off) A(off)B(on) A(off)B(off) ... might need extra HW.

just thinking out loud ..

I know that I do not necessarily need the Bluetooth for some of the things I am after there are many others that I do need the bluetooth for. The app I have been working on has a page with a Color Wheel that I can simply pick the color and I am hoping to send that via Bluetooth and the lights will change.

Has anyone had any luck with any of the Bluetooth modules and if so which ones?