what should i used my project? can't find pinout

Hello everyone. i have a steering wheel project and i got 2 sensor in my hand.

what is that? i realy dont know. i got from old hp printer. you can find on google Q3434-60014

pic: https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/uJkAAOSw5UZZAKFp/s-l300.jpg

aand other part is ... i really dont know what is this too.

i write a K255 code but i cant find.

its looklike this : https://media.digikey.com/photos/Vishay%20Photos/TCST1202.JPG but 1 there is a difference. my parts top view write E S not d .

My mind is a little mixed up with a little help.

I thought that was answered already? The photos you posted before are also a lot better than these.

yes i know the same post but i did not get what i need

Then continue your original thread and ask for the missing info there, hopefully added with some thorough research, testing and measuring by yourself.

You're not going to get more info by trying again - and you're wasting our time (and yours, but I don't exactly care about that part) this way as the old thread has more info on the project already (and even useful photos).

Thread locked.