What should my project be?

I don't get these people. I got into arduino because of projects I already had in mind. Ever since I've gotten started I've had at least 3 projects going at a time. Never finish one without starting two more. Why do people go to school for this stuff when they have no interest in its applications? Learning about electronics and circuitry gets so tough sometimes I don't think I'd be able to stick with it if I wasn't so genuinely interested.

How is it that there's always at least one thread on the first page of the projects forum with someone who simply has no real interest?

I suppose they have a cool toy and are wondering what to do with it. It would be like buying a Paint program for your Mac/PC because it sounded fabulous (all the features, paint brushes, effects etc.) and then opening it up and wondering "what will I paint?"

A lot of these people are talking about projects for college and whatnot. They seem pretty deep into the subject with no motivation.

I've noticed this too. I tend to think a lot of people just want to be sheep, and always want to be told exactly what to do. I tend to think of the Ticky Tacky song by Malvina Reynolds (http://people.wku.edu/charles.smith/MALVINA/mr094.htm). I feel sorry for such folk if the spark of making can't be kindled.

They may have colored outside of the lines when young, but parents, school, and church at times can conspire to extinguish such thinking.

I should mention I get migraines quite a bit, and I've been through various daily medicines to try and help (it doesn't). Some of the meds like the one I just tried for a week last month made it impossible to think creatively. As somebody who needs to be creative for my job (programming), as well of outside of the job (Arduino, steampunk, etc.) I stopped taking it as soon as I noticed the side effects. I'd rather have the migraines. I do wonder whether sometimes we are over-medicating kids in the name of ADD and ADHD, and unfortunately supressing the spark.

My own experience was a leap of faith. I got into programming and electronics without a project in mind. After I learned what was possible I started finally coming up with projects. I think some beginning users have a tough time gaging the difficulty of projects, and want to be pointed in the right direction.

I do wonder whether sometimes we are over-medicating kids in the name of ADD and ADHD,

you wonder? really? I think its pretty obvious. Anyway why make something when you can sit on your ass and tweet about how awesome justin beeber is since you can stay on your parents insurance until your are 25 now. The dumbing down is pretty painful to watch. Fortunately my wife and I decided we were far to selfish to have children. This is going to be a funny place in a few years.

I don't know about that. I think they are replacing what we used to do, with something different, but equally complex. We older people may not fully understand it. :)

For example, my daughter was explaining to me in some length about how they "ship" things on Tumblr.


In particular in this context:

... to support or endorse a romantic paring [sic] that is not canon in the work(s) in which they appear.

I don't think people become dumber. How could they, exactly? Their interests change from what ours were.

Well to be fair even after reading the entry i dont understand what they mean. damn whippersnappers. But ah, my tweenspeak is pretty weak. I ship using words in their most common context. And now I will board a ship and get out of this thread. lol :P

I tend to think of the Ticky Tacky song by Malvina Reynolds

In the UK she’s known as Falkland Reynolds.