What size fuses do IEC sockets require?

I have recently bought a standard IEC socket for my project which requires a fuse. I bought a standard 240v fuse from Halfords which was to big and so bought a quick blow glass fuse from Ebay which was also to bug, however I cannot find anywhere which will tell me what size is required? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Do you have the part number for the socket?

Ah yes my apologies I bought it from Ebay.com (http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=121006151743) and this page does not state a fuse size or model number and the only number I can find on the item itself is 0717.


Well at least there's a picture... it looks like a C16 on this table. So I'd suppose a 10 A fuse of some type.

I can't read it from the image, but it looks like there are some letters on the fuse panel door just below what appears to be a drawing of a fuse. What do they say?

Edit: This looks like the same, or very similar, part. That would accept 5 x 20 mm fuses. Also that's a C16 not a C15...

Hi Far-seeker,

Looking at that table I would almost certainly say it is a C14, and the writing simply says "Use only with 250v fuse".

Edit: This looks like the same, or very similar, part.

This does indeed look identical to mine so will certainly trust getting the 5x20mm fuse 250VAC 6.3A fuse to fit it so thanks so much for all your help as it has been really frustrating! :slight_smile:

You're quite welcome.