What sketch subfolders get copied to the SD card?

I know in the temperature web panel example the www subfolder of the sketch is copied to the SD card's /arduino/www directory. I'm curious are there any other folders that are copied over when uploading to the Yun? I have some python scripts I want to copy over in a sketch and call them using the Process class. Was curious if the www folder is the only way, or if I can just make any directory.

Did a little experimentation and tried adding a folder (named ‘test’) with a file to the sketch. Uploaded to the Yun (being careful to upload over the network connection and not the serial connection) and unfortunately didn’t see the folder copied anywhere on the SD card. Also tried putting a file (‘test.py’) in the sketch directory but likewise didn’t see it copied.

Adding a ‘www’ directory to the sketch did copy it over to the /mnt/sda1/arduino/www// directory. That works for my needs, but I’m still curious if anyone who has knowledge of how the IDE treats the Yun could comment definitively on any other special directories.

No other special dirs, only www

Sounds good, thanks for confirming.