What speed is my ESP32-S2 running?

Hello all,

I am using an ESP32-S2-SAOLA and there is the menu option to set it's speed from 80-240MHz but I never see any difference running my code. Is there a way to query the board or a benchmark tool?


Hi Markus, this probably means your code is running as fast as it can even at 80MHz. The CPU speed is not the bottleneck, other factors are limiting the speed. Hard to say what those could be without more detail.

You can easily write a benchmark into your code, such as calculating something complex, e.g. trigonometric functions, 10,000 or 100,000 times over and measuring the time that takes with micros(). But don't do anything inside the benchmark loop that could slow the CPU by forcing it to wait for any external devices, such as using wi-fi or printing to serial monitor.

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