What SPI mode should I use?

I'm interfacing with a SPI Serial Flash from Microchip and it says the following:

Commands, addresses, or input data are latched on the rising edge of the clock input, while output data is shifted out on the falling edge of the clock input.

What SPI mode should I use in this situation? Also, what is the default SPI bit order on the Arduino?

Thanks, Greg

I would use the default. That is mode 0. See here for more details:


Here's a post about interfacing flash memory using SPI:


And interfacing with a Microchip device:


In all cases I just used the default mode and bit order.

Here is a post that I made a while back with SPI problems (my lack of understanding being the biggest problem.)

About the 6th or 7th replay could be as beneficial to you as it was to me.