What to build with some stuff?


Because i allready tried the most basic stuff with my Seeeduino Mega, i was thinking if anyone of you people could come up with a good idea to what i should make.
I have these things:
Seeeduino Mega
16x2 4bit parallel LCD
2 Thermistors(One is a 10K Ohm NTC, the other is one from a FLUKE DMM)
A bag of leds, capacitors and resistors
A 220K POT
A SST 29EE202 150-4C-NH 973227-DPP
A 93lc46 Eprom
A ??4558AM 8 Pin IC?
A bunch of Microchip PIC16C74A -20/L With DIGITRON 1.2 or 2.2 stickers on them.(Anyone who knows what DIGITRON might be?)
A bunch of different buttons and such.
A VagTacho cable, with these chips on, FTDI FT245BL, ATMEGA8L, ATMEL 92C66.
I also have a bunch of used computer hardware, if you guys know any ICs or other stuff i might need from this.

Best Regards

Well first you need to find something that has bugged you for ages and could be solved with what you have at hand.

I for example would love to replace the beeper in my dryer. That one is way to annoying and should meet Mr. Hammer. Then let the Arduino play a tune that is easier on my ears. Silly stuff, but an improvement for me.

I have thought all day if there was anything buggering me, and i cant find anything at the moment.
So i am thinking about if its possible to read out the information that is on the 93C56 on my VAG Tacho cable, or maybe even log the communication from the ATMEGA8L to the FTDI chip.
But has anyone done something like this before?

Hello again

I kinda know what i wanna do with a arduino, a gsm controlled car central locking, with some extras.
I am working on a Car pc, so integrating the Arduino with the pc would be a nice function.

Some off the things i was thinking about integrating:
Lock/Unlock car.
Sound the horn, fx if i see that someone is messing with my car, either constant on, or some SOS sound.
Turn on/off my Webasto Parking heater, so i can sms to the arduino that i want to have the parking heater running next morning at 7, and it should turn it on for fx 20 mins.
Interface some parking sensors, so i can send the distance from car to object over serial to the pc, and display it on the screen.
Interface fx a couple of temperature sensors, fx one in the car and one outside, so i can see if it would need to remotely turn on my parking heater or just the cabin fan in the summer.
Maybe joining some of the functions, so i fx just send a sms with the text “status”, and the arduino will then send back these stats:
Car status:
Inside temp: 20C
Outside temp: 24C
Parking heater: Not running
Battery voltage: 12.6V
Current use: 0,05A
Car is locked.

But i cant seem to find a way to read incomming sms on a phone over serial, using AT commands, anyone have some ideas?
The reason i want to use a phone, is that i can let the arduino use the phones battery, when the car is not running, so i dont drain the car battery, and that it is a lot cheaper to find a older phone, than a dedicated GSM unit for development.
I can also use the phone for some logging, by fx let the arduino write a sms, but dont send it, and then by sending a sms with fx Read log, the arduino will set the phone to send the log as sms.

Best Regards