What to Buy and help programming

Hi All
i need some help and i am not shore what to buy and where to start so first hear is a pic of what i wont to do

it needs to have 12 momentary push button (1 to 12) and 12 relays

so what i need it to do is when lets say button 1 is pressed relay 1 will turn on and stay on when button 2 is pressed relay 1 needs to turn off and relay 2 turn on and stay on and when button 3 is pressed relay 2 needs to turn off and relay 3 turns on and stays on and so on all the way to 12 but regardless witch button is press that any relay that is on must turn off so for example relay 7 is on and someone press’s button 1 relay 7 will turn off and relay 1 will turn on

the image i have supplied is just for example
and im looking for someone to help with or even Wright the code for the Arduino

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If you want someone to write code for you then you should ask in the Gigs and Collaborations section


An Arduino Mega will have enough pins to connect everything. You can also use e.g. an Uno, get some shift registers (serial in / parallel out and parallel in / serial out) or I2C port expander integrated circuits to expand the IO capabilities of the Uno.

Next draw a schematic how you hook everything together and post it here. People will be able to point out the obvious flaws in your design.

After wiring everything, YOU can write the code based on examples on the web. When you get stuck, you can post your code here and plenty of people are willing to teach, help and fix.

If you want somebody to write the complete code, you can hire someone ;)

the IDE has an example of switchs that light LED's

that is where to start writing code.

if you can turn 12 LED's on and off in the order you want, you can do relays.

this is a good beginners project and you should be able to modify one of the switch sketchs for your needs.

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