What to call my core for DA/DB series AVRs?

The AVR-DA series microcontrollers were recently released by Microchip. The pin layout is very similar to the megaAVR 0-series (4809, 4908 - the former is used in nano every and uno wifi rev 2), however, they have considerably nicer peripherals:

12-bit ADC option!
10-bit DAC!
Second Type A timer on 48 and 64-pin parts!
64-pin parts!
(up to) 128k flash/16k ram!
Oh, and the 28-pin version comes in DIP.

TCB's can be clocked from events. and two can be chained together for 32-bit input capture (ie, measure something up tp ~4.2 billion processor clock cycles... down to the granularity of single processor cycles!)

Internal oscillator goes up to 24MHz in 4MHz increments, and can auto-tune itself from an external 32 kHz watch crystal - though testing suggests that even without that, it has no trouble being accurate enough for UART comms, at least under normal conditions....

So yeah, these parts are pretty damned cool.

I will soon be releasing:
DA-series breakout boards with and without parts mounted (via Tindie) in my typical style. The 32-pin and 48-pin ones can be used with megaAVR 0-series parts too, and that will be an option in my store as well.

An Arduino hardware package to support the DA-series parts - It's running simple sketches on the hardware, just have to tidy up a few rough edges; the boards are arriving at my location next week.

Originally I had planned to call it DAmegaCore (as in "use 'da mega core"). But then I realized that the DA-series parts are not from the megaAVR line.
So then it became DACore (same pronouncibility as above, without the middle word)...

But it is looking like the follow-on even-higher-spec DB-series parts are coming sooner than I might have expected (they appear to be mostly the same as the DA-series parts, but with a... few added goodies, most notably some on-chip OPAMPs and multi-voltage I/O support (ie, you can run, it looks like, I/O on one port at a different voltage than the rest of the chip)...

That suggests that "DxCore" might be more accurate.

So... do I name the core DACore? Will people pronounce the letters regardless of whether I call it DACore or DxCore (ie, "dee-ay-core"/"dee-ex-core"), in which case "DxCore" is a better choice? Does anyone have any other insightful thoughts on the matter?

I would add AVR to the name

Probably a good idea, thanks

So AVR-DxCore maybe?

for inspiration
names of Arduino's Arduino cores are:

ArduinoCore-avr The Official Arduino AVR core

ArduinoCore-megaavr Arduino Core for the ATMEGA4809 CPU

ArduinoCore-samd Arduino Core for SAMD21 CPU

ArduinoCore-sam Due

ArduinoCore-mbed Portenta (STM32) and Nano BLE (nRF52)

I like ArduinoCore-AVRDx if you're going to go like the official repository names, or AVR-DxCore if not.
Are you sure it's not similar enough to Mega/xTiny to fit into one of the existing repositories? Extra timers and different sized ADCs have fit in the same core before (SAMD21 and SAMD51 are both in the Adafruit "samd" core, for exampe.)

I would probably go with DXCore or DxCore. Short and simple. For instance, "MightyCore" doesn't really reveal what hardware it supports, but that has never been a consern to me.