what to do with RC transmitters and receivers?

i have a transmitter and receiver from two remote controlled devices. one was a boat, other a car, one at 27mhz, other at 49mhz.

what should i do with them? could i use them for sending the wireless motion sensor(PIR) status to a arduino remotely? what are some good projects based on RC remotes? arduino or not. info about the remotes/transmitters below.

on the boat receiver it had two motors(one on each side of the boat). one joystick on the remote that goes L/R will turn on one motor depending on which way the joystick goes. the other stick is up/down, and the boat would put both motors forward when pushed up, other direction when joystick pressed down. the joysticks aren't variable, just on up, or on down. so like when i press the stick up it would press a little button. if i push up and Left, for example, it would make one motor go 100% and other at 50% (so the boat would turn while still going forward.)

the RC car remote one would put back wheels going forward if one of the joy sticks is pressed up, opposite if joystick pressed down. then it had a turning motor for the front wheel, and was controlled by the other joystick on the remote. this one is variable with pots on the joysticks.

thanks for ideas!


could i use them for sending the wireless motion sensor(PIR) status to a arduino remotely?

Sure. You can hack them or just use them in a project to control an arduino that moves something (robot, quadricopter, etc).

Sure, send status of 4 things. Or, send data over them, be like twitching the controls fast. Maybe interpret each pair of direction as a bit: left/right is 0/1,and up/down is 2/4 So l-l-l-r would be 0001 u-l-r-d would be 2014 d-d-u-r would be 4421, etc. Interpret that data on the other end as you need it. 0000 0001 0010 0011 0101 0110 0111 1000 1001 1010 1011 1100 1110 1111 so 16 character there. 15 more with 0002-2222, 15 more with 0004-4444. Then start mixing 0,1,2 0,1,4 0,2,4 0,1,2,4