What to try to build first


I don't know what to make first : a Segway (Tabletop format) or a CNC machine, I want both but need some help selecting what to build first, I'd like to build the CNC machine first but I don't understand the code quite enough for that, but if I build the CNC machine first I can make the Segway with it and have it look real nice, I don't know what to make first, I don't have much parts lying around for one of those projects. what I know is that I will be uploading a video to My YouTube channel in which I'll be showing parts of the build and of course the finished product, but I really need help for what to build first, if you know ways for me to make the CNC machine easier I'd like to know them. The things that I'd have is a Arduino (of course) I'd have the Velleman motor shield (pka03) and a Velleman I/O shield (pka01) please help me selecting what to build first and if you can give me some tips making the project easier :D. I want to build the CNC machine first but I don't know a way to make it easy to input the coordinates for the CNC to cut and I don't really know a way to make steppers turn precisely. I don't want to spend a lot of money on the projects, I think if you guys can help me a bit :smiley: getting the CNC machine to work, I can make a pretty beautiful Segway. for the Segway I don't want to use one of these gyroscope moduls but I want to try another way, I think I'll be fine controlling basic DC motors without any digitizers. if you guys know a nice way to make it sense in what position it is I'd like to hear it, I did think of using just a weight on a kinda arm hanging down the sides (both sides: left and right) of the Arduino to sense it's orientation. I'm not sure about that and if there is a reason to go another way that would work better but isn't one of these gyroscopic boards I'd like to know..

Thanks a lot for your time


on the moment I'm working on a thermostat that can control the temperature of a building using 3 LM335 sensors, I've made some kind of user interface, I'm happy with it but it's not done, I don't think I'll be making a YouTube video of that.

as you can see on my channel when I'm not playing with the Arduino I'm a gamer that makes YouTube videos, please don't hate me because of that :D, because I happen to be the person to like both, some will be with me :smiley:

I guess you are an experienced programmer. What programming language do you use?

You don't say what sort of CNC machine you want to make? Is it a 3D printer or, perhaps, a milling machine?
CNC machines require stepper motors, which you have not mentioned. They also require a very precise and robust mechanical system. Have a look at stepper motor basics.

I'm not familiar with the details of self-balancing-robots but I imagine that a gyroscope is an essential component.


I would say that the robot is the simpler project. Building a full CNC machine which can make robot parts is several months of evenings and weekends. The tabletop self-balancing robots I've seen could be built from a bucket of parts in a week or two and programming it can take as long as you want it to take, depending on how much code you copy from others.