what to use instead of relay

I was thinking maybe use a relay board with 8 relay to controll some LED but I wonder if that is something better to use?

is going to be 22 LED to controll so I have to have a relay of somekind so ATMega326P can send to say turn on/off the power to the LED.

I just afraid the relay is going to make to much sound.

A logic level MOSFET per LED may be the solution, but hard to be sure without knowing more about your LEDs and why they need a relay.

If the 22 LEDs are individually controlled then 22 MOSFETs would do it, however 1 MOSFET can easily drive 22 LEDs. I am going to assume you want to control each separately, this can be accomplished by using a simple HCMOS shift registers such as the 74HC585 and depending on how you connect it you can light them all with just a few pins on your Arduino. How fast you want to cycle them has a big impact on your hardware design. There is no way a complete answer can be given without more details. Consider doing a Schematic and post that. See if you can find a good book on elementary electronics, the refresher will help you a lot.
Good Luck & Have Fun!

Thanks for the replay.

Well my project is quite basic but not easy to write it down in english (My first lang is swedish).

I have 15 RGB LED and is two group with 7 in each group and one alone. I also have a group of 7 white LED.

So in a group I connect each LED color to another LED color.
Digital 1 = turn group 1 to RED
Digital 2 = turn group 1 to GREEN
Digital 3 = turn group 1 to BLUE

Digital 4 = turn group 2 to RED
Digital 5 = turn group 2 to GREEN
Digital 6 = turn group 2 to BLUE

Digital 7 = turn single RGB LED to RED
Digital 8 = turn single RGB LED to GREEN
Digital 9 = turn single RGB LED to BLUE

Digital 10 = turn Group 3 LED WHITE

I guess the only that does not need any relay or something is the single RGB LED but the other have to have something.

I hope I make it a little easy to understand what I going to do.

I have work with Arduino and LED before but not so many :slight_smile:

the refresher will help you a lot.

If they've never studied electronics then there is nothing to "refresh" is there ?