What type of arduino should I use?


I am currently using an Arduino Mega 2560 for a project that I am working on, however I wanted to include the Mouse.h library and found out that only the Arduino micro, leonardo, and duo are compatible with this library.

In project I am reading analogRead(A0) to receive live data so whatever new Arduino I get needs to be capable of these two things so I was thinking duo or leonardo.

Additionally, is it possible to read a second pin, for example analogRead(A1) ,while simultaneously reading A0?

Thank you.

There's only 1 ADC, the Analog inputs go into a mux and then into the ADC. So you can read one, and then the other.

Okay, thanks for that explanation. So forgetting about reading 2 pins at once, would you recommend the duo or the leonardo?

Leonardo, without knowing what else you have planned.

Leonardo if you want the same form factor as the Uno, or Micro if you want it smaller. You can read two analog inputs right after another, and it will seem as if you are reading them simultaneously. It takes about 110 microseconds for an analogRead.

Another option is the Pro Micro. It's a bit smaller than the Micro and a bit cheaper too. It's missing the reset button and the ICSP header and maybe a couple of the I/O pins. It's my favorite of the ATmega32U4 based boards because I use them for fairly simple projects where small and cheap are my primary concerns.