What type of shield do I need!

Hi all!

I'm new to Arduino but not new to programming. I'm currently making a Wheatley animatronic from Portal 2, and I have lights and a servo moving. I need some advice though.

There is not enough memory on-board my Arduino Uno to do what I want. What I want is long arrays of servo positions that are run through like an animation. I have a script in Blender that allows me to export animations into a .h file that I can then add to my Arduino sketch, and it works with the servo I currently have set up which is great. But currently the animation is one servo for 4 seconds. I am doing 24fps, so this is already 100 frames. If I am going to do multiple animations across 8-10 servos I am going to need to expand my storage.

I am looking into drawing data from a micro SD card shield but I am after a bit of advice on what to buy and I cannot find my answer online. The Wheatley animatronic will also play sounds, specifically voice lines, from a built-in speaker. Therefore I already will need an MP3 module and most of them also have a micro SD card slot on them. My question is, will I also be able to store and get animations from that SD card to run through the servos, or will the data only go one way (ie arduino to MP3 shield to micro SD card to speaker)?

If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them! Thanks all.

What does the documentation for the MP# module say about the SD card?

Use a board with more memory.

So I’m not sure if you understood correctly, we’re talking dozens of arrays for another dozen servos, 24fps for around 5 minutes, that’s around 7200 3 digit numbers, plus five minutes of audio, that isn’t going to fit.

I also have already bought a board. Thanks.

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