What type of Temperature sensors are these?

Hi All, I have tried to find out the correct terminology for what it is that I am looking for.

I've got a few of these temp sensors sitting in a box from over the years, from various cheapo fan/temp controllers for PC's

As an example... They look like this...Temp sensor (From a toms hardware review)

....$240 is insane... ANYWAY....

All I'm trying to work out right now is what i should be searching for in google :P to find out if they are usable in my projects.

Any help is greatly appreciated. THANKS!

Onextw: from various cheapo fan/temp controllers for PC's

Probably just thermistors. Cheap reliable, not particularly accurate but just fine for that sort of job and, if you have a similar job as an Arduino project, fine for that too.


Measure the R while changing temperature from room temp to hold between fingers.