What was your first Computer?

First off "Happy forth of July" To those who are celebrating it.

I remember a friend of mine with this box with several switches on it. I had to have one. I was in love with this machine. It was addicting to me. What was this thing a Computer. New word to me. but I had to have my own.My wife was really mad at me for buy this thing. I have no idea how many countless night I stayed up working or playing with that little box. It was a Cosmac Elf 1802

Who remembers their first computer?

Home brew Z80

See avatar. Got it on August 4, 1982. I remember the date cause I read the manuals while waiting for my son to be born.

Kit version MK14 and my first real introduction to soldering but it worked eventually.

Compudyne something or other running Windows 3.1

When Ballscrewbob mentioned soldering, I remembered that I still have this:

Programmed in 6800 machine code 1 byte at a time into 256 bytes of very volatile RAM.

RadioShack Color TRS-80. Still have it downstairs with my IBM PC Junior.

At the same time I was designing memory cards to work with a 20-bit CPU made from bit-slice processor chips, so the PCs seemed kinda slow.

9" slide ruler, I think this version:


BOCES LIRICS PDP-10 running TOPS-10 Timesharing.
(Boards of Cooperative Educational Services, Long Island Regional Instructional Computing Service. A mainframe shared by several school districts, access via ASR33 and dial-in MODEMs. But it had EMAIL! In 1975! Trying to implement and propagate email led me on a merry chase that had pretty dramatic effects on where I am today. OTOH, mainframes and networking kept me distracted from microcontrollers (or even personal computers) for a long time.
The first PC I actually owned was an HP150 (MSDOS PC-sorta-compatible.)

Casio fx-7700G, 1994
Programmable Graphing Calculator

Commodore VIC-20

Z80 evaluation board/tape recorder


Commodore 64
286 (10Meg HD wow)

5.25 Disk drive as well....

Compucolor II - 32K

My employer bought it for me to take home, so I could become the company expert. The first computer I bought with my own money was a Commodore 64.

Rockwell AIM 65

And Sinclair Spectrum

Rockwell AIM 65

And Sinclair Spectrum

Oh yeah, the AIM65! I still want one - we had them at work, for controlling various machinery in a fiber optic manufacturing plant. My favorite version had the FORTH chip in it. I still have the manual, but sadly not the machine.

take second best
put me to the test
things on your chest:
reach out and touch faith

(my first UNIX workstation, my first computer
2004, second hand, loaded with C89,C/C++
then I switched to BeOS-v5.03/PC and linux)

1980 : TI 57p (50 steps programmable calculator)
1982 : Casio FX 702P (Basic programmable calculator) Still runing
1986 : IBM PC Clone (640k RAM, 2 360k Floppy, VGA display) Still runing (but really slow :o )
I tested Windows 1.0 with it !

c64 on a cold winter morning...