What was your first OS?

I got the inspiration for this thread from the one about multiple serial devices, so here’s the question: What OS did you start out on in computing? Was is Windows 98 as one very young poster put, or are you a mainframe and punch tape person?

I’m not sure the PDP8 RIM loader counts as an OS

I started on 95 compututing although I have used earlier OSs…


My first experience with a computer was a “bbc microcomputer”. After switching on you had a pascal command line and after a (can’t remember) command you had a BASIC commandline.
If you wanted some program you had to write it (in pascal or basic) or load a program from tape-cassette or 5¼ inchfloppydisk.

Doesn’t really count as a operating system though.
The first operating system i used was DOS v?.? on a 286.


Go young people!

Windows 98 is the first I remember using, but apparently my house was using '95 as well.

Floppy version of DOS 1.0 on the original IBM 8088.

but apparently my house was using '95 as well

Your house used Windows 95 as it’s operating system? What kind of house do you live in?

Your house used Windows 95 as it’s operating system? What kind of house do you live in?

One with blue screen-doors ;D

First Computer touched and used : Bull Micral with CP/M (pretty old) ;D

First personal computer OS ever used was Apple ProDOS on an Apple ][c.

TRS-80 Color Computer With Disk & OS-9 shortly followed by MS-DOS version 2 with Microsoft C version 1.04

FYI: Microsoft C 1.04 fit on two 160K Floppies.

I feel old now.

MacOS, I think 8.5 or so. It’s a blue, old, but beautifully designed iMac. My parents also have an older Mac, the Macinctosh Classic.
Now, I’m using Windows XP and Puppy Linux on a laptop …

CP/M was probably the first OS I used.

Tops-10, complete with ASR-33 and punched paper tape.
Ahhh. “Can Wars” !

I don’t think it actually qualified as an operating system :slight_smile:

Like pwillard, I started out with a TRS-80 Color Computer, Extended Color BASIC (Microsoft!), 16K of RAM, and a cassette tape drive. I was 11 years old at the time, in 1984. I later moved on to a single floppy drive system, and the Color Computer 3 (with 128K, later upgraded on our kitchen table to 512K from Burke & Burke). I never got into OS-9 (my parents couldn’t afford it), but I did play around with GUIs and BASIC compiling (using tools from Cer-Comp). I also played around with assembler.

While that was my first computer system, it wasn’t my first “computer”.

That title went to the 4 bit controllers that were inside the Big Trak (with the Transport!) and the Brain Buggy; coding was done as a series of simple LOGO-like commands entered on keyboards. I received both of these toys for xmas a few years prior to my computer (I think I was in the 2nd grade).

Somewhere along the way, I also got an Atari 2600 and a Tomy Armatron; I still have all of these items, and AFAIK, they all still work fine (though I haven’t tested the Big Trak, Buggy, or Armatron - the Color Computers and Atari all work perfectly, though).

People like to talk about and think that kids that grew up with PCs and the internet are “the digital generation”; I beg to differ. People like myself and pwillard both know that -we- were among the first to grow up with real digital items all over our homes. They weren’t powerful, they couldn’t do as much as what came later, they weren’t ubiquitous or cheap (I look at old Radio Shack catalogs I saved and boggle at what my parents spent on some of these items) - but they were more than available, and much of it was targeted toward kids.


/I may be old, but I don’t feel it - most days, at least…

toss up tween applesoft basic (if you want to count that) or apple dos 3.3

being born in 1979 I may not have as much retro time under my belt, but we had that darn apple II until 1994, and I still own one today

MS-Dos for me, don’t recall what version or so, but it was the big floppy era at the time, the small shielded ones were a real revolution!
Ah, the release of windows 3.11 on a dozen or so floppies…
I may be young, but I grew up with computers =)
Used to mess around in basic (not very effectively, mind you) when I was… eeehhh, don’t remember :stuck_out_tongue:
As far as I know, most of my life =)

CPM writing in PL1 (after my Timex Sinclare)

MS-Dos for me, don’t recall what version or so, but it was the big floppy era at the time, the small shielded ones were a real revolution!

You mean 5 1/4" floppies; if you’re old enough, then you might know about “flippies”…

Now the “big floppies” - those were the 8" ones; I never got to use them (but I recently acquired from Ran Talbott a couple of boxes of them - one unopened - for my “museum collection”).

Does anyone here remember 3 inch microdisks (not 3.5 inch - 3.0 inch!)? They existed and were advertised in many magazines and such around 1984 or so; back when a 5 MB hard drive would set you a few thousand dollars US…


[edit]And another elusive strangeness that I have never seen (but I have a controller for my Altair) - hard sectored floppies; I believe these were only available in 8" size. They had multiple index holes around the hub ring (instead of the single one you see on most floppies), where each represented the start of a sector from what I have read.[/edit]