What will I need for this project?

I’m looking to make a set up similar to http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/arduino-controlled-dosing-pumps.28004/. But I want to modify it a bit. I want to add another pump, an lcd, and a relay to control a timed light. I was wondering what sort of micro controller I would need to accomplish this. I currently have an uno but I assume I might need something bigger. Thank you.

Hi marshaladam,

I think an uno will be more than enough for your project and lots more too if you want.

Tell us more about the pumps/motors, light, lcd etc and I’m sure you’ll get the advice you need to interface these to the uno.


Hey, sorry guys, I want to use 3 of these

This for the screen

I'd like to add and RTC module, most likely something similar to

I want to use one of these to aerate water

A relay to turn a light on and off, timed by the rtc.

a device to check water levels
and a couple basic leds to notify the user of low water levels.

I know this seems like a lot,but i'm up for the challenge, and any help will be greatly appreciated.

3x pins for 3x Pumps + VCC & GND (assuming simple relay or MOSFET driven)
2x pins for LCD + VCC & GND
same 2 pins as LCD for RTC + VCC & GND
1x pin air pump relay + GND
1x pin light relay + GND
2x pins water level (may revise to 1x pin)
2x pins LED's + GND