what wireless controller to control arduino?

my plan is to build a RC car with additional features. like a turret with laser etc.
but to control all of these components i’l need a wireless controller that can be connected to a arduino; wireless over minimal 30 meter.

i need 2 joysticks that can only move up & down (for steering like this, left=up + right=down = right turn)
or 1 joystick that can move every direction (but then i’l need to code that when you move the joystick right, the left wheels are at 100% and the right wheels at 50%)

1 joystick that can move every direction (for the turret that will be controlled with servo’s)

and maybe a few extra normal push-buttons for other things (4?)

i’ve heard of some people who had connected the playstation 2 controller, that’s a great idea because there’s also a wireless version of the controller. but, (there’s always a but) the average range is ~10 meter/~32 feet (maybe there’s a way to boost the signal?).

is it possible to connect a normal old gamepad that’s connectible by gameport to a wireless transmitter that transmits to the arduino? (i’m a beginner, so it may not be to hard.)

does anyone have another idea about wireless controlling the arduino?

Not knowing the full capabilities of the Arduino and wireless I would opt for controlling the tank with a standard rc remote control system and use an addon pack for the special features.