What would I need?

G'day from Australia.

I'm new to Arduino and I have no experience in programming what so ever.

I want to start a project but I'm not sure what products I'll need.

Essentially, if I want to send a command such as turn on/off a light using my phone to Arduino, which product would suit me best?

I want to be able to be in control from afar too. For example, I am able to turn on/off the lights at home while at work. So that means from my phone > my home wifi > to Arduino. Will I be able to do that with the Arduino WIFI Rev 2?

Any help or mentoring would be amazing.


It rather depends on what you mean by "afar". If you want to do it by WiFi, yes, but this might be a better bet

or this
if you can't make up your mind whether you want go remote or very remote.

You could also leave WiFi out of the game and do it with a phone shield - or even, perhaps, a real phone....

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Look at Blynk. Lets you control your Arduino (with wifi shield) or better yet your ESP8266 from your Android or iPhone. Blynk offers an assortment of buttons, sliders, graphs and functions to build a nice interface on your phone. Send commands from your phone to Blynk server which connects to your local network (and your Arduino) from anywhere in the world. I love it.