What would temperature sensor do with wrong resistance?

Hi guys,

I've set up a temperature monitoring device using the One Wire Digital Temperature Sensor (DS18B20).

Now this setup requires a 4.7K pull-up resister however the only 4.7K resister I had wouldn't work (blown, fried, what ever resisters do when they die). So I grabbed the only other resister I could find at the time, a 10K one.

Now the device I've made is working fine, (view its current reading at www.andybarratt.co.uk/temperature) but I'm finding it's readings to be a little too high.

Could someone tell me if this is being caused by the resister?

Datasheet for the sensor is here http://www.coolcomponents.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=36_68&products_id=585


Just realised I've posted this in the wrong section, could someone move it please?

YOu can delete it yourself and post it in the other section again.

BTW The effect is not caused by the resistor, the resistor will only improve the signal between the sensor and the Arduino.

Interesting. I've read a few other reports about this, seems others believe this sensor can give readings that are too high. Not too worry, I shall see if I can buy a good scientific thermometer to compare readings and calibrate with.

P.S. Thanks for moving this mellis.