What would you do with 10× IR Leds ?

Sometime back I got a bag of Vishay TSHF5210 LEDs. These are Infra-Red with a 890 nm wavelength.

Any ideas as to what could be a good project for them?

... Of course, putting them in an array and building a light show is not an option :frowning:

Uh, I'd put them in my LED drawer, and go order parts for a project I wanted to build!

Something that puts out IR isn't going to be a whole lot of use without the other something to read it....

Generally used for IR illuminators for security cameras. :grinning:


Generally used for IR illuminators for security cameras. :grinning:

Thank You.


Yes! I've always wanted to make one of those - preferably with those ultra-high brightness 1W LEDs, and then walk into a sports bar with it.... Ofc, that will have to wait until the end of the plague times...

You could make a display that can only be "seen" with a mobile's camera.

Make an IR blaster to connect with an ESP8266 & Alexa so you can turn on/off the TV and Satellite box with voice commands and make a few TV-B-gone's with the rest.