What would you do with an Arduino and these IC's

Well I have come to own the following list of IC's and am a beginning arduino user and fan of gadgetry. I will likely look to sell off many of these IC's at a very low price because I will never use them all but would love to hear any project ideas using the arduino and any of these IC's.
16C73B PIC Microcontroller 4
16C73B Pic Microcontroller (Programmed) 4
4N35 Opto Isolator 22
74HCT688N 8 Bit Magnitude Comparator 52
9801058-C 16SOIC 33OHM DIP Resistor 50
AD626 Single Supply Differential Amp 57
ADM3202ARW RS232 Line Driver (SMD) 37
AM26C31CN RS422/485 Line Driver 22
AM26C31G Quad Differential Line Driver (SMD) 162
AM27C256 ROM 130
BQ328SP-SB2 Real Time Clock w/NVSRAM 15
CD74HCT299E 8 Bit Shift Register 45
CY7C185-25VC 64KB SRAM (SMD) 2
CY7C199C 256KB SRAM (SMD) 5
DS1202 Serial Real Time Clock 18
DS1307N Real Time Clock 13
HCT688 8 Bit Magnitude Comparator 73
HM628128BLFP 1 Meg SRAM (SMD) 30
HP2601 Opto-Coupler 26
KA 7812 12v 1A Voltage Regulator 600
lc4064v Lattice ISP Mach lc4064v CPLD Processor 10
LM2901N Voltage Comparator 77
LM2902N Op-Amp 104
LM393N Voltage Comparator 52
LM555CN Timer 57
LM7808CT 8v Voltage Regulator 605
LTC690 Microprocessor Supervisory Circuit 53
MC 10333 00 Subminiture Tactile Key Switch 215
MC14497P PCM Remote Control Transmitter 61
MC146818AP Real Time Clock 27
MOC3041 Opto-Coupler Triac Driver Output 34
PCS-044SMU-11 Surface Mount PLCC Sockets 19
PCS-068SMU-11 Surface Mount PLCC Sockets 76
SKE10A-05 DC/DC Converter 5v 2a Out 9-18v Input 10
SL486 IR Remote Control Pre Amp 75
SL490B PPM Remote Control Transmitter 105
SN75C185N RS232 Line Driver 4
T16C452FN Tranceiver IC 21
TC7660EPA Power Supply IC 50
TIL-192 Opto-Coupler 84
TIP47 NPN Transistor 25
TL7705 Supply Voltage Supervisor 40
TLC1541IN 10 Bit A>D Converter 50
UCN5832A 32Bit Serial Input Latched Driver 37

I have some thoughts myself but would love to have some further inspiration.

Please also feel free to contact me if you would like to make me an offer on an assortment of the IC's from the above list.

Nice collection. I would recommend you first try out the DS1307N Real Time Clock. There is plenty of Arduino tested software that uses that chip. You will have to get a 32khz crystal to make it work, but after that it's pretty simple and you end up with a very useful item for other projects.


I would have thought that you could get most of those RTCs to play with a bit of work. They are probably the first things I would try.
The transistors, PIC chips and RAMs would be next I think.

Good luck with it all.


I would hold onto those ICs as there is a wealth of projects in them and you are probably not ready to do them yet.
What springs to mind is using the subminiture Tactile Key Switch to make a Monome, like I did:-

Something like the Lattice ISP Mach lc4064v CPLD Processor is a whole new hobby in itself to explore.

When you are feeling adventitious and have the skill the Opto-Coupler Triac Driver Output will allow you to control mains stuff.

However,it is best if you see what you want to do and then do it and see what you can use on your way.

The shiftregisters can be used to extend the number of digital I/O's on tha Arduino, very handy for larger projects.

The 485 line drivers can be used to make a RS485 network with multiple Arduinos on the same bus.


I would recommend you first try out the DS1307N Real Time Clock.

I agree with Lefty. That is the first thing that came to mind as I scanned the list, including the comment about the need for a crystal. You can get a crystal out of one of your discarded kitchen clocks - the kind that run on one AA battery.


Thanks to everyone for the input! I will most likely start out with the RTC chips. I just happened to pull apart a kitchen timer that my son decided to toss in a glass of soda so I can probably harvest the crystal.

Thanks to those also that inquired about buying some of the IC's off of me. As you can see from some of the quantities, I will probably not ever need ALL of these so I am more than happy to help out others and perhaps finance a Serial LCD, some HBridges or some Xbees with the proceeds all of which I have been wanting but unable to part with the cash.

It really is great to get some ideas/inspiration as I have been in a bit of an arduino rut lately. THANKS! ;D

The 5832s would be good for doing LED displays.

You could drive a 4-digit 7-segment display directly, with no multiplexing and no other parts but the current-limiting resistors. Or do a really big display by muxing them in groups of 4 digits.

At 120mA per pin, they could also work as the low-side drivers on some LED matrix displays, where you're pulsing higher currents to get good brightness at a low duty cycle.

The 7660s might be handy for folks with LCDs that need a negative bias voltage.