what would you do with relays?

So i scored a couple hundred NOS “GI CLARE HRB1A1512” relays. I haven’t been able to find a data sheet on them yet but i am pretty sure they are 1 amp 12vdc.
what would you do with a bunch of relays?

Relay-based computer, of course. Hope you have enough relays for the memory (seriously, most people who have made relay computers cheat and use regular IC-based memory).

woah dude that would be nuts!

no, its quite normal


but with only 200 you might be limited to calculator, or one heck of a light show

yeah im watching videos now on relay computers, pretty cool. this video of an addition/subtraction machine seems pretty simple.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDRlKpLc-9E&feature=player_embedded

Whoa, that computer is awesome. Are you sure it’s not a relay drum machine? Cause that thing is definitely making rhythms!

totally! all they sequenced clacking got me thinking about making some sort of rhythm machine/light show.

rig one up with to switch via an arduino, and see how fast it can oscillate, maybe you could do buzzing harmonics :sunglasses:

Wow, impressive relay computer!

Or, you could go for someting simpler and make the relay “blink sketch” :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know the bulb specs, and most likely the other components specs (that is, R and C) would have to be experimentally determined to make it work with your relays… maybe. I made this a long time ago, and probably needed a bit more than 12V to make it work, since I marked it 13-16V.

There was a transparent pinball machine at Maker Faire. It’s internal logic appeared to be based entirely on assorted types of relays…

I guess you’ve got to be careful with your timing when designing logic circuits with relays, otherwise you’d end up with relay race conditions.

I’ll get me coat.

oh yeah, i think i saw that pinball machine there. i was starting to wonder who all went out to the bay area maker faire. i wish i took more pictures.