What would you guys do

I have a app that I want to constantly write the readings to serial but only 1 time a hour post to twitter.

I was thinking of using a while loop

while (cCount < 1200){
code goes here
delay(3 seconds); // 3 x 1200 = 3600 seconds = 1 hour
cCount ++
if (cCount == 1999){
cCount = 0; // reset loop so code will continue ?
do twitter post;
}else {
Do nothing

Let me know what you guys think, or if there is a better way.

Blink without Delay arduino Example shows you how to do stuff at specified time intervals.

Have a look at SimpleTimer and Timer libraries:

They do the same thing as the underlying code in the BlinkWithoutDelay sketch but
are implemented as libraries and use configurable c++ objects so they are much easier to use IMHO.

--- bill

Thanks for the suggestions i will check them out.

The Timer and SimpleTimer linked above work great if you are always connected to a source to provide accurate time. Since you are posting to Twitter this would be the better solution especially if the time is critical. Millis used in blink without delay would potentially lose too much time over an hour. Someone has done studies on this.

Not sure I followed that Sacman.
Timer and SimpleTimer both use millis() to track the elapsed time.
--- bill

Maybe I'm thinking of a different library. There is one that updates time via an ethernet or PC connection instead of relying on millis.

Sorry for the confusion.