What  you do when. . .

. . . you’ve sent a design to a board house, a week has gone by and you get notice it’s shipping. In anticipation, you open the design to check a part value, and you realize there’s a glaring and critical mistake that’ll keep the board from working. >:( >:( >:(

In other words, let’s see your “best” (or worst I suppose) green-wire fixes! :smiley:

Well, what I did was quit and get another job ;D

I can’t show you the worst I’ve seen, because it pre-dates digital photography. About 30 years ago, I worked for a company making equipment that was mostly built around sets of (roughly) 14-inch-square boards. It was run by the sort of people you’d need for an interstellar colony, because they refused to scrap anything, no matter how much effort it took to make it work.

We had one board that was the core of the interface to a variety of mainframe computers, and had to deal with their subtle deviations from the nominal specifications of timing, voltage levels, etc.

As the company encountered different makes and models, the board had to change repeatedly, but management insisted on updating old stock to the current design. At one point, we had old boards with over a dozen levels of rework on them, comprising somewhere between 400 and 500 wires. They literally looked almost like they had been wire-wrapped. I was one of the national tech support guys, who provide telephone and fly-in support to the field service organization. After watching them struggle with this sort of lunacy for a while, I said “This company is doomed”, and went to work with a differently-crazy bunch :wink:

Yikes! And here I thought I was going to be in deep because I forgot to ground three caps! :lol:

I’m sure many of the other experienced folks have awesome stories, too. Looking forward to hearing them!

er um … not me I never sent one off, but a little solder and some 30guage wirewrap wire and it will be ok, you can move on correct the design and keep testing so you have it all worked out for the next one

A better way for keeping u from this kond of mistakes is to make the board urself.
u konw, just ur sch files+laser printer+a piece of transparent film+fluorescent lamp+Light sensitive PCB+HCL+H2O2+H2O+dozens of secends=what u want…
joking… :slight_smile: