What's a good largish spi touchscreen?

I am looking to upgrade my long term project(a wire cutter and stripper) from the current nano w\ a 2004 LCD to a MKR wifi1010 and a touchscreen. I'm having a hard time determining which display would best suit my purposes.

I would prefer a larger screen say 3.5" minimum(bigger = better) with an SPI interface. This will be used for a text based menu w\ touchbuttons so there will not be much if anything in the way of animation but we all know how project creep works so possibly an animated icon or 2 in the future. But the primary goal is more large text.

I have a mega w\ a 3.5" shield(no touch) that has a IL9486 that I'm learning with. The MCUFriend and Bodmer libraries seem to work well, I've tried a few others but these 2 seem to work best so I would prefer to stick with one of them.

So my questions are:

  1. How large can I reasonably expect to go?

  2. What controller/display would you recommend?

A Nextion is DOES NOT use SPI but it is designed for use as a control interface, maybe it will do what you want. Have a read of Using Nextion displays with Arduino - Displays - Arduino Forum and see if one would suit your needs.

You know I never even looked at those. I guess in my mind I equated them with the old nokia screens, I see now that was wrong. It does look as though one of those could fill my needs and maybe off load some of the work off the arduino. Learning yet another software is not very appealing but it doesn't look that bad. Thanks for pointing them out and very nice tutorial btw.

I would still like to find a good SPI tft screen.

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