Whats a good solenoid to use?

So i started a seperate topic asking the best way to interface a doorbell solenoid, and after writing that, I figured I might as well see if anybody has any better ideas for a good solenoid to use rather than repurposing a crappy doorbell :stuck_out_tongue:

Im looking for some kind of solenoid that I can use to push a button for me. Lets say a button on a keyboard. Thats about the pressure needed. Maybe a little stronger than that though.

Also, this will be involved in a timing project, so it will need to have a fast response time. (Of course I can adjust times in software, but thats beside the point...)

What's a good generic solenoid that I should use? And how can it be interfaced with my arduino?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Lots to look at here, but solenoids are not cheap.