What's a good thickness of copper clad to use?

I just got some copper clad and I'm pretty sure I ordered the wrong size because it seems really thin at .022"

What's a good size to use for home etching?


I believe standard copper clad is .035 "

I imagine yours would etch more easily though.

If you have the space to make your traces wider maybe thinner is better!

Thickness depends on the current you need to carry, unless you are carrying power around it won't matter.

Oh, 0.035" would be MASSIVE, its 0.035mm - 1 ounce per square foot originally.

The most common thickness of the whole board is 1/16in, 0.0625", or about 1.6mm.
That's pretty thick for modern circuits, I prefer thinner. .0022 should still be usable as long as you are not doing physical construction with it!