Whats a good way to start leaning about motors?

I've a brief notion and I was able to guide myself on my recent Arduino project that involved blinking leds, mp3 shields and a little of coding.
I'm not willing to become an engineer, but is there any good book that gather general information about motors? What would be a good way to start learning more about it? Thanks

I was just flipping through “The Art of Electronics” to see if there are any good references to motors… to which I couldn’t find much.

Why I mention that book though is because it is an excellent book for circuits and electronics which you will likely need to know to accompany motors. I know I have some good books at home specifically for motors, but I won’t be able to check for a while.

Perhaps Wikipedia would be a start.


What level are you wanting to learn? Are you wanting to know more about how actual motors are constructed and work? AC? DC? Brushless? Brushed? Permanent magnet or field coils?

Or - are you wanting to learn how to interface a motor (again - what type?) to an electronic circuit to control it (speed? direction? both?)...?

Or - do you want to learn both things?

I wouldn't expect to see much of anything about motors in "Art of Electronics" - because a motor isn't an electronic device - it's an electrical machine. Provided you know about switching (with transistors or relays) and amplification (with transistors - and by transistors, I mean both bipolar and mosfet, etc devices) - what you switch and amplify is up to you (besides which, most motors can be looked at as a varying reluctance inductive load).

How motors actually work is generally covered in a completely different set of books - and they are quite heavy on the engineering, math, and physics involved - even old motor (and generator/alternator - as they tend to be related) construction and engineering books from the late 19th to early 20th century can be mind-boggling complex to read and understand. There are simpler ways to get the basic knowledge (for instance - Alfred Morgon's "Boy Electrician" and others by him are a great introduction to many basic electricity skills from the early 20th century - while not good for electronics knowledge, they do explain concepts in very easy to understand terms, about a technology that is largely taken for granted today, and only explained at all in college/university level engineering course - if at all!).

I know the subject is very wide, so this is why asking asking for help. Where do most people here start to learn about motors? I don't need to understand about every motors in the world but mostly the ones people use with Arduino. I know most tutorials on the internet doesn't teach you the "why" but only the "how". Thanks

As in, why use a servo vs a stepper vs brushless DC motor?
There is some overlap, but each would have a use where one type is better than another,

"Electric Motors and Drives", Hughes & Drury, ISBN 978-0-08-098332-5, is the best
overall text I've found - covers all sorts of motors (MW induction motors might not
be so relevant to the hobbiest of course), and is straightforward on the general
principles. Previous editions are available secondhand at more reasonable prices.