What's better - C or C++

I'm not sure what is the difference in compilers of C and C++ but which one is better to use for MCU projects ?
What are advantages and disadvantages and performance differences maybe?


i am a die hard fan of assembly though,

Which is better apples or oranges? If you are making an apple pie the answer is obvious. In the context of programming an Arduino with the Arduino IDE (what this forum covers) C++ is the choice because that is the language that the IDE uses.

Given that C is essentially a subset of C++, for Arduino it's basically a non-issue / non-question.

C is essentially a subset of C++

Since C predated C++, surely C++ is a superset of C?

Chronology is irrelevant in the definitions for subset and superset.

You guys take yourselves waaaay too seriously

C and C++ is not exactly a marriage made in even.
But it could take years before you notice that.
I know next to nothing of object oriented programming and so far it is good enough, but sometimes I feel quite frustrated because I don't know how to change something inside the C++ libs I'm using,

So, if you want to continue using Arduino IDE and want to be able to do some real work the only choice is to learn C++.
There are other platforms that can be used to program arduinos, but doing a informed choice is not that easy.