Whats the best software to build a motor driver circuit?

I'm trying to build a schematic for a motor driver. I've been looking on PSpice, LTSpice, and Simulink/Simscape and can't find a part for a peristaltic pump anywhere. Any suggestions?? Any have any links to a library with pumps?

It depends on what type of motor is in the peristaltic pump.
Usually a brushed DC motor, that would be all you would need to use in your simulation.

Can you post the specs of your pump please?

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Hi! Here's the link for the pump, it's a 12V DC motor

I'm not familiar with simulations, but the spec so on that motor are;
12V 400mA

You would either find a MOTOR sim component, or just use a 12 / 0.4 = 30R resistor.
A resistor will not have the same exact characteristic as the motor, as there is start current and other dynamic parameters to account for.

Tom... :smiley: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

You can use relays or triodes (power PNP/NPN) to control the power sent to the motor.

The motor says 12V 400mA but if you think it is spinning too fast (or too loud or etc) you can use a lower voltage (e.g. 9v)

To send signals to the relay/triode you can use arduino (automation) or a analog potentiometer/switch.

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