What's the best way to answer this?

I really dislike questions that start with "What's the best...".

I always feel the urge to write something along the lines of "How the hell should I know what you consider best?". Particularly as the OP often doesn't actually know, or hasn't considered it.

Back in the day, I would ignore the post and think "Oh well, PaulS will see this soon enough" :wink:

These days, I just ignore them.

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Some ways do have best ways.

Take wiring up a ground buss. I can place wires ad hoc, in series, or use a star configuration. Out of those 3 listed ways, and not a complete list of the ways to do the thing, there is a best way.

Dear friend, you are an exception. On every forum, almost everyone knows what is the best. :smiley:

IMO; Put an "IMO" at the beginning of every answer post. :expressionless:

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Right. You mean: "What's the best way for a user to formulate a request for guidance on this forum?"
But I guess that if a user has been given an assignment with a specific set of components and is otherwise clueless, that could well end up here as a question such as "What's the best way to achieve objective X with component set Y?"

My usual answer, and my own approach to my own problems, is usually something along the lines of TMTOWTDI.

One way to do it is . . .
I do it like this . . .
A common answer I see here is . . .
I don't know if it's the best but . . .


As someone who asks these questions a LOT, I can understand why they annoy people.

What I want is a coherent list of "options" that I can go for. A lot of times I've researched and can't find anything, OR I've done no research whatsoever and make the post simply asking "please help me figure out where to even start" (like the infamous laser tag thread).

If what I've said above is what OTHER people want from the community when they post, that's another thing. This is just my experience.


Noticed this account going through some old threads during research. I remember thinking "this guy would have me banging my head against my desk".

What's the best way to answer a question that starts with: "I really dislike questions that start with "What's the best...""?



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