Whats the bext scenario for a network of Arduino devices?

Here is what I would like to do at some point.

One master website here in my house with the appropriate links to control client arduino units.

What would be the ideal setup for the Master and then a Client?

I read that the XBee Shield had been discontinued so I was wondering the accepted practice was for accomplishing something like this.


I read that the XBee Shield had been discontinued

Where did you read that? There are several XBee shields, so just because one manufacturer quits making them doesn't mean that they won't still be available.

XBee, ethernet, or wifi would all be appropriate choices, depending on range, volume of data, and access to a place to connect to.

Oh, and your programming skills.

Here is where I read it.


Have you seen any decent tutorials using the existing shields? I see plenty of great examples but few lessons.

Thanks again for you response!

That page says that the old XBee shield is being discontinued, and then links to its replacement, which is also an XBee shield.