Whats the difference between ... PU25-ND and PU25?

Trying to order a 24C512 chip for storing data.

Whats the difference between:

  1. AT24C512B-PU25-ND


  1. AT24C512B-PU25

I am sure this matters to me, so I thought I should ask first. :-?

Appears to be the operating voltage range that the device can operate with. The manufactues datasheet is always the best source of information on questions like this. See the 'ordering information' section at the need to see all the suffix options avalible:


From Digi-Key AT24C512B:

AT24C512B-PU25 is the Manufacturer's part number for the Atmel 512 kbit EEPROM device with I2C interface

AT24C512B-PU25-ND is the Digi-Key part number for the AT24C512B-PU25



The "-ND" suffix goes back many years, to when Digi-Key was a hobbyist-oriented vendor that offered a discount depending on the size of your order. The "-ND" identified parts that weren't eligible for the discount (probably because they had low mark-ups). I think it's become a habit now (though maybe industrial customers placing multi-thousand-dollar orders can still get some sort of break???).