What's the module of the gear on the DC motor 6/9V or

Hi everyone

i would like to know what is the module of the gear in the motor Shaft

i can't find any information in the datasheet or in the advanced shearch

it's the dc Motor 6/9V sold in the arduino store i put the link below thanksfor your answers

http://store.arduino.cc/product/T010160 http://arduino.cc/documents/datasheets/T010160_DCmotor6_9V.pdf

The Outside Diameter (OD) is Number of teeth (N) plus 2 multiplied by the Module (MOD) of the gear.

Measure the OD and divide by N+2 to get MOD. If the gear has an even number of teeth it will be easy to measure across two opposing teeth with a caliper or micrometer. If you have an odd number of teeth (each tooth is opposite a gap) your measurement across the gear would be a little low but hopefully not enough that you can't just pick the next larger common MOD.